Give Me S' More!

We were lucky enough to get a free fire pit... however it needed some work. So last weekend, we Kevin spent a lot of time cleaning and fixing it up. This involved washing it, removing rust, washing it again, removing more rust, sanding it and finally painting it with high-heat Rustoleum paint (several coats). It turned out great!

Last night we had our first fire and made s'mores. The girls loved it! Tonight we had friends over for dinner and... yup... more s'mores! :)



Lea likes to take pictures....lots of pictures. It's pretty funny because her favorite thing to photograph is the toys. Our camera becomes filled with Craigslist photos! lol

Here's some of her work...

Lea & Emma

I took these pics of Emma a few days ago and it reminded me of Lea so much. After some digging, I found these pics of Lea! (Lea is 16 months old in the photos and Emma is only 12 months old but there is still quite a bit of resemblance.)



One Year Comparison

Emma on her 1st Birthday

Lea on her 1st Birthday


Some Bunny Is One!

We celebrated Emma's first birthday yesterday with a bunny themed party. It was so much fun! We had bunny decorations, bunny candy and even live bunnies for the kids to play with. I made bunny cupcakes, bunny peep pops and a 3-D bunny cake just for Emma. It really was a great day!

Chocolate covered bunny peep pops with a marshmallow tail!

For the first hour, we all played with the bunnies.... 12 baby dwarf bunnies and 1 lop eared bunny to be exact! They were adorable and a big hit with the kids. :)

Looking at all the bunnies!

Miss Violet was REALLY excited!
After Emma pet this bunny, she blew it a kiss. ;)

This is honestly the best picture I could get of both girls together.

After we all ate and had cake/dessert, Emma was wiped out! She took a nice long nap before we opened her gifts...