Mailbox Makeover

We finally decided to do something about our eye-sore of a mailbox. Not only was the mailbox itself rusted and dented, but it was just plain and boring.

So, we replaced the box with a new one, painted the post and made a new flower bed to go around it. I love how it turned out! The entire project cost around $60. Here are some before and after pictures...

I actually need to take one more picture because we added some mulch on top of the dirt and our house number on the post. Doesn't it look so much better, though?!



Found this little gem of a picture today and thought I'd share. You're welcome!

(This is one of my favorite signs that we saw while in New Mexico!)

And, I found this awesome shirt online & thought it went very well with the sign:

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At the Pool

It's a hard life! lol

Me and my girls!


Best Friends

Looks like Lea might have a new best friendship blooming...

Lea "reading" a book to Emma while I was cleaning around the house.

Lea helping give Emma her first bottle!
(Emma, by the way, sucked it down without one single dribble.)

Happy 4th of July!

Our little town is right in between two other little towns and the three of us take turns with holiday celebrations... For example, we celebrate the 4th on the 5th because the other two towns celebrate on the 3rd and the 4th. :)

So, on July 5th, we headed out to our local celebration. Lea had a blast on the bounce houses, coloring, making a red/white/blue necklace and climbing on the fire truck. The fire works were a huge hit! Lea sat in awe the entire time; cheering when it was a "good one". She covered her ears most of the time but then decided it wasn't that loud. I held Emma (covering her ears) and she actually fell asleep!

Her first sparklers! (I was a little afraid as she waved her arms around! lol)

Little Emma... aka Little Kevin!

My girls!!!
(Notice how Lea has that sucker IN her mouth in the last three pics... that was a span of about two hours! It wasn't a huge sucker, either... she just takes her time.:)

Two Months!

Emma had her two month well check last Friday. She weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces (about the 25th percentile) and she is 23 inches long (about the 75th percentile). Just like Lea! Our babies are long and lean... go figure. ;)

Emma smiles a lot and loves to look at herself in a mirror. She has also started to make throaty noises when you talk to her, just within the last few weeks. And she really likes to suck on her fist. Other than that, she sleeps and eats! She does stay awake a lot these days. I'm trying to watch her sleep patterns...and it does seem like she is falling into a pattern. She sleeps at night for about 6 hours before waking to nurse. Then she sleeps another hour or two before waking for the morning. She usually takes a long morning nap, an early afternoon nap and an evening nap. During the day, she goes about every four (sometimes five) hours between eating!

The pediatrician said it's possible that her eyes will stay blue. Wouldn't that be cool? Only time will tell...


My Girls!

I decorated these large, wooden letters to put on the girls' bedroom doors. I simply Mod Podged torn pieces of scrapbook paper onto them. I love how they turned out...very "shabby chic". :)
Before we hang them, though, I took the opportunity to use them as cute photo props...

Look at how Emma smiles at Lea! She locks her eyes on Lea all the time. :)

I LOVE this face!!!

DIY Bunny Mobile

One of the things I wanted to make for baby Emma was her mobile. I made a birdie mobile for Lea... so Emma needed a bunny mobile.

After searching online for ideas, I found this one for inspiration...
It seemed simple enough (but then again, all DIY projects seem simple before you actually start them. lol). I won't lie... it took me awhile to finish it. Partly because it was more difficult/time-consuming (fyi: invisible thread is very hard to work with!) and partly because I procrastinated like crazy. (Here's my post, back in April, when I started the project.)

None the less, the mobile is finally finished and hanging in Emma's nursery. I think it's perfect!