Two Months!

Emma had her two month well check last Friday. She weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces (about the 25th percentile) and she is 23 inches long (about the 75th percentile). Just like Lea! Our babies are long and lean... go figure. ;)

Emma smiles a lot and loves to look at herself in a mirror. She has also started to make throaty noises when you talk to her, just within the last few weeks. And she really likes to suck on her fist. Other than that, she sleeps and eats! She does stay awake a lot these days. I'm trying to watch her sleep patterns...and it does seem like she is falling into a pattern. She sleeps at night for about 6 hours before waking to nurse. Then she sleeps another hour or two before waking for the morning. She usually takes a long morning nap, an early afternoon nap and an evening nap. During the day, she goes about every four (sometimes five) hours between eating!

The pediatrician said it's possible that her eyes will stay blue. Wouldn't that be cool? Only time will tell...

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  1. she looks different every time I see her (in person or in a pic)! Such a sweetie!


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