Growing and growing

Lea had her one month well check this past Tuesday. She continues to gain weight, averaging about one pound every two weeks. So, she now weighs 10 pounds 2.5 ounces. She is in the 75th percentile for weight and height.

We also learned that she has reflux. I am so glad we found out early in the game! Poor thing would get fussy after about 10 minutes of nursing and I didn't know why. Now we can give her some medicine (Zantac in liquid form) to help her feel better. Other than that, she is as healthy as can be! We were told to start giving Lea 'tummy time' which we tried yesterday for the first time. She was amazing (of course), holding her head up and looking around!

Here she is, smiling, while we waited for the pediatrician.

Yesterday, my mom came up and we took Lea to the movies with us to see Where the Wild Things Are. It was a very cute movie and Lea did great. She slept in her Serena and Lilly Market Sling while I held a burp cloth over her ears to muffle the sound.

Tomorrow we are going to try a bottle for the first time. The pediatrician feels confidant that this is perfect timing to try it.


4 weeks old!

Can you believe our baby girl is a month old? Part of me feels like it has gone by so fast, but another part of me feels like she's been here all our lives. Lea is changing every single day. She seems so big now... she must be well over 9 pounds. Her 4 week well check is Tuesday, so we'll find out then. She is beginning to make more and more sounds (besides crying, which she rarely does). She can also follow objects with her eyes and locate the noise of a rattle very quickly. Like always, she is still very strong... holding her head up and turning her head to look around for several seconds. She also loves music. Any kind. We listen to Paul Simon, Bob Marley, the Dixie Chicks, Caspar Babypants, Weezer and Dave Matthews (to name afew).

Last week, the kids (our nieces and nephew) came over to meet Lea. They were just enamored by her and couldn't stop looking at her! Lilly, who is four, came over to me and said, "Jessie, I really like your new baby." Precious!

They each took turns holding her. If Lea made the slightest cry, they would immediately say, "I don't think she likes me!" As you can image, they were full of questions, too. 'Why is her skin like that?' 'Why is she crying?' 'Where is the soft spot on her head?' Here's a short video of their meeting.

We had an exciting day yesterday. We decided to venture out with Lea (and not have one of us wait in the car with her this time). Once we arrived at BabiesRUs, I put Lea into her new Serena & Lily Market Sling. She slept soundly the entire time. It was nice to get out of the house... even if we were looking at baby stuff!

Not only does Lea love the Market Sling, she also LOVES her lillebaby EuroTote. That thing has been a life saver. She loves to be snuggled up inside the tote. I love that I can easily carry her around the house & place her down without disturbing her.

I will leave you with this adorable video of Lea. Notice how aware she is of the toys and the little throaty grunts she makes... my baby is a genious! :P


3 Weeks Old!

Our baby girl, Lea is three weeks old today. It's hard to believe that she is almost a month old! She is much more alert (when she's awake) these days. She will actually smile at us and it's not because of gas anymore! She is starting to find her voice, too... she will 'coo' every once and awhile. It's so adorable! Her hair is also getting lighter. I haven't noticed that she has lost any of it, but it is noticeably lighter than a couple weeks ago.

Here's a video of her hiccuping.

Medela Nursing Camisole Review & Giveaway

Check out The Bragging Mommy blog... they did a fabulous review on the Medela Bamboo Nursing Camisole. AND, you can enter to win one!

Here's a little of what they had to say about the camisole:

Things that are Bragworthy:
Cute: Love the lace
Great fit
Very soft material
Comfortable all day, even all night!
Easy to unsnap for quick access
It would look great under other shirts, great for breastfeeding on the go!
Eco-friendly materials
Extra layer of fabric between bra shelf and outer layer provides modesty and elevated support
Perfect blend of functional and fashionable!


Lea's First Photoshoot!

We had a fabulous photo session on Sunday with Creative Clicks Photography. Lea did so well! Here's a sneak peak at a couple pics. We should have the rest in about a week.


Growing and growing...

Lea had her 2 week well check today. She is getting big... fast! She now weighs 8 pounds, 13 ounces and is 21.75 inches long. The doctor said she looks fabulous! She's in the 55th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for lenght.

Getting measured.

Getting weighed.

Taking a nap with Bailey and daddy.


2 Weeks Old

Lea is 2 weeks old today and we finally finished her nursery!

This is the fabulous mobile that I made for her. I made the little, stuffed birdies and glued them to sticks. So cute!

Here's our new Anka Sova crib. Love it!

Here's the Anka Sova Dresser/Changer and Svan Bouncer (Lea loves them both!).


Laughing & First Bath

Daddy gets Lea to laugh!

Bath time!

Growing fast!

Lea is growing so, so fast. Every day she looks different! She has already outgrown a number of 'newborn' outfits. Her hair looks like it is getting lighter, too. She is finally starting to sleep better. Kevin's co-worker gave us a book and DVD called 'The Happiest Baby on the Block.' We immediately watched the DVD, but were skeptics from the start. However, we decided to try the techniques.... and wouldn't you know? It worked! Now, after feedings, we can get her to go right to sleep. Yay!

In other news, Kevin got Lea to laugh for the first time... and it wasn't a 'gas smile', either. She actually LAUGHED when he was playing with her. I got it on video so I'll post it soon. This evening we are giving Lea her first real bath... a little nervous, but excited, too. I'm sure we'll have a video to share of that event, too. :)

In the mean time, here are some funny face pictures Uncle Dave took while he was here...