40 weeks!?

I can honestly say I never thought I would make it to my due date with this pregnancy. I guess the only reason I ever thought that was because Lea was a couple days early. Never the less, tomorrow is my due date and here I am... still pregnant.

While I am so ready to have this baby, I am not in a rush to artificially induce my labor. I truly believe that unnecessary interventions occur in a snowball effect. So, if I can avoid them from the get-go, then all the better. I was able to avoid a continuous IV, have intermittent fetal monitoring and avoid any pain medications when I had Lea... and I would like to do that again this time around. Wish me luck! Your prayers and support are very much appreciated. :)

So, I was feeling pretty worn down and tired a couple weeks ago, but this week a calm has taken over me. Don't get me wrong, I am pretty exhausted and ready to have Emma but I am trying really hard to enjoy these last few days of having her, literally, all to myself! As much as I dislike the back aches, continuous Braxton Hicks contractions, having to pee every 15 minutes, not being able to roll over in bed easily and not being able to sleep longer than an hour.... (I could go on but I will stop!)... I will very much miss feeling Emma roll around, feeling her hiccup every single night after dinner and knowing that she is completely safe and sound, tucked away in my belly.

Our bags are packed, the house is clean, the freezer is stocked and the baby items are all set up (including the nursery!). We're ready to meet you Emma!!!

37 weeks
40 weeks


DIY Maternity Pics

I wanted to get a few more pictures of my big belly and Lea together so I had Kevin snap a few this afternoon. Here are a few of my favorites of what we got. (I think they turned out pretty well!)


Big Belly!

Lea was reaching up to rub my belly this afternoon and as I was looking down at her, I thought "What a cute view!" So I snapped a few pics...


With this pregnancy, I haven't had the urge to "nest" like I did when I was pregnant with Lea. I think it's because I am a lot more active (running around with Lea) so when I have any free time, I just want to lay around! I have found some things I can do while laying around, though...I've been crafting a lot! While Kevin would probably prefer that I clean (aka nest), I am making piles of yarn, paper, glue and thread everywhere instead! lol

Here are some pics of things I have made and plan on making (in the next two weeks!)...

This will be a blankie with a crocheted edge (like the bib and burp cloth above).
And, finally... I'm trying to make a mobile for Emma. I made one for Lea and want her to keep it, so Emma will need her own, too. Lea's "theme" is birds and Emma's "theme" is bunnies (hence the bunny blankie above). So, I thought it would be nice to make a chandalier type mobile out of little paper bunnies. First, I had to cut out 100 little paper bunnies.... (that took awhile!)

These are my templates.
I used different colors and patterns of craft paper.

I got two different sized embroidery hoops to hang the bunnies from.
I wrapped the hoops in yarn.
And the idea is to hang these little bunnies on invisible thread.
It's going to take forever, but it should be really cute!
So that's what I have been working on recently. That and getting things all set for another human in our little house! It's so amazing how much space a tiny baby needs...

37 Weeks and 2 Days...

but who's counting?! LOL

Really, I can not believe my due date is less than three weeks away. No matter how much I get done around the house (making freezer meals, setting up the bassinet and swing, washing clothes and blankets and buying diapers), I still feel so unprepared. I guess it's a feeling of being unprepared emotionally. So many things are running through my head... Will I be able to make it through another drug-free labor and delivery? Will I connect with this little girl the same way I did with Lea? Will my heart be able to love her as much as I love Lea??? Will Lea transition well to being a big sister??

I am getting bigger and more uncomfortable every single day. I honestly feel like I grow a substantial amount over night, every night. Just rolling over in bed (or, even worse, trying to get out of bed) is a serious workout! When I was pregnant with Lea, Kevin slept in the guest room the last few weeks but this time he doesn't have that option. Poor thing! The nights are long and I know they are only going to be longer once the baby is here.

Anyhow, enough "venting" (I'd rather call it venting then complaining!).

Lea and I have been busy. I'm trying to keep up with fun activities for her because she is still a very active and happy 2 1/2 year old...regardless of how bad I want to stay in my jammies and sleep all day. A couple weekends ago we went with friends to a "Farm Animal" day. They got to see lots of animals and even pet a lamb and baby chicks.
Lea and Jackson petting a baby chick.

Checking out the bunnies.

Lea practicing being a big sister...making baby Violet laugh!
We also planted some flowers in the flower baskets out back (Lea picket them out!).

 And we had a fun Easter with the family. Actually... Kevin and I went away for the weekend and Lea stayed with her Gaga and Papa. But they had a great time playing at the park, dying Easter eggs, going on Easter egg hunts and doing other little Easter crafts. Lea went to church with my parents Sunday morning. Mom said on the way home, Lea kept singing "Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

Lea and her cousins ready to hunt eggs.

A candid shot...but you can see Emma really well!

Lea and Bailey
This week I am taking Lea to the library for story time (one of her favorite things to do). She is also still taking gymnastics every Thursday morning, but that class is parent-participation...so her Gaga is taking her to that this month. And, we are still going to church Wednesday nights for "Wiggle & Worship" (we sit around a big circle with other kids her age and sing songs). The hard part is going to be trying to keep up with these activities after Emma arrives. Usually these types of activities are during the day, so Kevin can't take her. I'll have to rely on her grandparents, I guess! I do want to try to keep her schedules and activities as similar as possible after the baby comes...don't you think that would be best for her?

Life is about to change a LOT in our little house and I am getting nervous. I think Lea understands some... she knows that there is a baby sister in my belly (and she has felt her move). The car seat, swing, bassinet, etc. are ready for Emma and Lea knows those things are for her sister. She knows that babies don't eat pizza and can't play with toys until they get bigger! So, I think I have prepared her as much as I can. The rest we will just have to take in stride from day to day.