With this pregnancy, I haven't had the urge to "nest" like I did when I was pregnant with Lea. I think it's because I am a lot more active (running around with Lea) so when I have any free time, I just want to lay around! I have found some things I can do while laying around, though...I've been crafting a lot! While Kevin would probably prefer that I clean (aka nest), I am making piles of yarn, paper, glue and thread everywhere instead! lol

Here are some pics of things I have made and plan on making (in the next two weeks!)...

This will be a blankie with a crocheted edge (like the bib and burp cloth above).
And, finally... I'm trying to make a mobile for Emma. I made one for Lea and want her to keep it, so Emma will need her own, too. Lea's "theme" is birds and Emma's "theme" is bunnies (hence the bunny blankie above). So, I thought it would be nice to make a chandalier type mobile out of little paper bunnies. First, I had to cut out 100 little paper bunnies.... (that took awhile!)

These are my templates.
I used different colors and patterns of craft paper.

I got two different sized embroidery hoops to hang the bunnies from.
I wrapped the hoops in yarn.
And the idea is to hang these little bunnies on invisible thread.
It's going to take forever, but it should be really cute!
So that's what I have been working on recently. That and getting things all set for another human in our little house! It's so amazing how much space a tiny baby needs...


  1. Oh wow...love so much of your crafting..especially the booties and mobile! That mobile is going to be awesome! Can't believe you are so close to your due date!

  2. Thanks, Amy! This mobile is going to be the death of me. I HATE invisible thread!!!


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