'Muh, muh, muh, muh'

Oh my goodness!  My baby girl just said "Muh, muh, muh, muh" and "Buh, buh, buh, buh"!  Have I mentioned that she is growing up way too fast!?


Even more 'firsts'

We had an unexpected trip to South Carolina on Wednesday afternoon.  So, we packed up the entire house, loaded everything into the Escape and hit the road.  Lea was great, the first couple hours, but then she was ready to get OUT of the car seat. 

We arrived at our hotel and unpacked the entire house that we some how managed to fit in the car.  This included our Pack-n-Play that Lea has not seen since she was about 2 months old.  To our surprise, she slept very well in it that night!  The following night we headed home.  Poor Lea was so fed up with being in the car.  (We've got to get her used to road trips!)  So, about 8pm Thursday night, we stopped at South of the Border.  Can you believe that place is still up and running?  They even have new billboards... where the heck did they get the extra money for that? 
We walked around a bit to let Lea enjoy all the bright lights, then after a quick diaper change and nursing in the parking lot, we finished the last couple hours of our trip.  It was so nice to be home in our own beds that night!

Not only did Lea 'enjoy' her first road trip, first night in a hotel, first time in South Carolina and first visit to South of the Border but yesterday she had Cheerios for the first time!  Two, to be exact.  :)  Our pediatrician gave us the 'go ahead' for plain Cheerios and Puffs at her 6 month well check yesterday morning.  After spitting out the cruchy 'oh' a couple of times, she finally gummed it in her mouth... Not sure if she actually liked it or not, but it's a huge step forward in my baby girl's little life.  

Here's her 6 month stats...

Weight: 15 lbs, 12oz - ~45th percentile
Height: 26.75in - ~80th percentile
Head Circ: 41.8cm - ~30th percentile


Getting nervous...

We have booked our flights!  Yup, we're taking our baby girl on a plane to go see her Uncle Dave and Aunt Sarah in New Mexico.  Now that we have gotten our tickets, all sorts of things are running through my head...
  • Is there a charge to check a car seat?
  • How much stuff should we take?
  • Should we take our Toro stroller?
  • If we take our stroller, should we check it at the gate?
  • How will Lea be on the plane?
  • Will she sleep or wiggle the whole time?
  • What do I do if she needs a diaper change on the flight???
  • Will she nurse during take off and landing or will she be too distracted?
  • Will people look at me weird if I'm nursing?
  • What if she cries on the flight?
  • During our layover, will we make the next flight in time?
  • When we get there, will the car seat fit in my brother's car?
  • How will Lea sleep away from home for the first time?
  • What toys should I take for her? And how many?
  • Should I buy baby food out there or take my Babycook?
I could seriously keep going on and on and on....  If anyone has any tips, tricks or suggestions please let us know!  :)


Time to eat!

First of all, we love our Beaba Babycook!  After Lea had enough of rice cereal and avocado, we decided to try sweet potatos.  We got some locally grown sweet potatos from Kevin's parents and prepared them with the Babycook....


Spring is here!!!


6 months already?

Yup!  Six months ago today, we met our baby girl for the first time.  Ever since then she has been the light of our lives.  Little Lea is such a happy baby and has yet to meet a 'stranger'.  She smiles at everyone!  She also always wakes up happy.  :)  These days Lea has perfected the roll... she can practically roll across the room.  She is also getting really good at sitting up all on her own.

We haven't seen her try to crawl, yet but she has lifted her torso off the floor when laying on her back and pushed herself head first a few times.  This makes me laugh because that's apparently how I began to crawl... on my back, head first, pushing with my legs. 

Unfortunately, we have a couple other things to add to Lea's lists of 'firsts'... her first cold and her first ear infection.  :(  Our nights have been pretty rough all week.  While she continues to be her happy self (for the most part) during the day, at night she is misrable.  She can't breathe because her nose is stuffy, she coughs any time she lays down flat and her right ear bothers her from the infection.  Kevin and I have not only been working together taking turns so we can get some sleep, but we've also had to get creative on ways for Lea (and the parent up with her) to be comfortable.  Sleeping  with Lea on the sofa, bringing her to our bed, laying in the recliner, ect.  I think we're getting about four hours of sleep each night.  That starts to wear on you after awhile.  To add to the sleeplessness, Kevin and I are both so busy at work.  It's difficult to remember all the details of every project when you feel like a slug!  Never the less, we're getting through it.  Seeing Lea's happy, smiling face in the morning (even after a night of screaming and crying) makes it all worthwhile.

Here's a picture of her during one of her favorite times... bath time!


Best Friends

My mother got this adorable, plush monkey for Lea before she was born.  Now they are exactly the same size and she LOVES it!  She squeels in delight and lights up every time she sees it.  She also likes to attack him and 'eat' him... but what doesn't she try to eat these days?!