Getting nervous...

We have booked our flights!  Yup, we're taking our baby girl on a plane to go see her Uncle Dave and Aunt Sarah in New Mexico.  Now that we have gotten our tickets, all sorts of things are running through my head...
  • Is there a charge to check a car seat?
  • How much stuff should we take?
  • Should we take our Toro stroller?
  • If we take our stroller, should we check it at the gate?
  • How will Lea be on the plane?
  • Will she sleep or wiggle the whole time?
  • What do I do if she needs a diaper change on the flight???
  • Will she nurse during take off and landing or will she be too distracted?
  • Will people look at me weird if I'm nursing?
  • What if she cries on the flight?
  • During our layover, will we make the next flight in time?
  • When we get there, will the car seat fit in my brother's car?
  • How will Lea sleep away from home for the first time?
  • What toys should I take for her? And how many?
  • Should I buy baby food out there or take my Babycook?
I could seriously keep going on and on and on....  If anyone has any tips, tricks or suggestions please let us know!  :)


  1. I'm an expert on flying w babies....there is no charge to check a carseat. Maddie used to sleep great on the plane bc of the white noise, kate was terrible...i always had to walk her up and down the aisle. Take your smallest stroller and check it at he gate...they tag it and bring it back to the gate when you land. You are supposed to chane their diapers in the bathrm; it sucks. If the plan is not crowded, I've done it on my lap (my family in my row and no one else around). People will act wierd if you nurse her on the plane. Thats a long flight though, so you prob will have to. Tough call. Dont worry about her ears. People have always said to feed them during take off and landing. None of my kids have ever reacted negatively. I would buy baby food, diapers, and wipes once you get there. All that stuff takes up a lot of room in your suitcase. I bet she sleeps like a champ away from home. Most of them do at this age. Hope that helps...have fun!

  2. Good luck on her first trip! I agree-take your smallest stroller that you don't care about damaging. They are ROUGH with them. Take enough diapers and wipes to get you through the flight and buy when you get there. Same for food. You will be surprised at how much crap you will end up taking. I had to feed Keira on the plane and I sat at the window with Zach next to me. I had my nursing cover and no one even noticed. I had to change Keira and the whole back wall of the bathroom pretty much unfolds over the toilet on the plane. Make sure you take disposable changing table covers with you. They saved me big time in the airport and plane. You can get them at Target for pretty cheap.

    Have fun!!


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