So, what does 'a fritos kinda life' mean? 

Well, "fritos" is a reference to our dog, Bailey.  She's a Border Terrier/Schnauzer mix and is happiest when she's curled up in a warm spot.  We got Bailey through the NC Schnauzer Rescue in 2006.  She had been abandoned by her previous owner and clearly had a rough start to life.  Despite what she has been through, and after much reassurance from us, she has become a happy, healthy dog. 
'a fritos kinda life' means a life that is filled with happiness and joy regardless of your circumstances.  Not living in the past and making the most out of what you have.  It's not always easy to do, but it can be done.  Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder... so have 'a fritos kinda life'!

Who is Jess?

I have been a wife to my dear husband since 2005 and I am stay-at-home mommy to our two daughters.  I love to be known as "Lea's mommy" & "Emma's mommy" and I completely understand why my mother still refers to herself as "Jess' mom". 

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