6 months already?

Yup!  Six months ago today, we met our baby girl for the first time.  Ever since then she has been the light of our lives.  Little Lea is such a happy baby and has yet to meet a 'stranger'.  She smiles at everyone!  She also always wakes up happy.  :)  These days Lea has perfected the roll... she can practically roll across the room.  She is also getting really good at sitting up all on her own.

We haven't seen her try to crawl, yet but she has lifted her torso off the floor when laying on her back and pushed herself head first a few times.  This makes me laugh because that's apparently how I began to crawl... on my back, head first, pushing with my legs. 

Unfortunately, we have a couple other things to add to Lea's lists of 'firsts'... her first cold and her first ear infection.  :(  Our nights have been pretty rough all week.  While she continues to be her happy self (for the most part) during the day, at night she is misrable.  She can't breathe because her nose is stuffy, she coughs any time she lays down flat and her right ear bothers her from the infection.  Kevin and I have not only been working together taking turns so we can get some sleep, but we've also had to get creative on ways for Lea (and the parent up with her) to be comfortable.  Sleeping  with Lea on the sofa, bringing her to our bed, laying in the recliner, ect.  I think we're getting about four hours of sleep each night.  That starts to wear on you after awhile.  To add to the sleeplessness, Kevin and I are both so busy at work.  It's difficult to remember all the details of every project when you feel like a slug!  Never the less, we're getting through it.  Seeing Lea's happy, smiling face in the morning (even after a night of screaming and crying) makes it all worthwhile.

Here's a picture of her during one of her favorite times... bath time!


  1. Hey Jess - Get a crib wedge. It's a wedge shaped mattress booster that you slide under the crib mattress to keep her on an incline. It's great for congested babies. I use it every night for Quinn bc of his reflux. Hope she feels better soon!

  2. Those are really cute pics. Can't believe she's 6 months already.

  3. She is adorable! I hope she feels better soon. Time flies, doesn't it???

  4. Hope she's feeling better!! Cannot believe it's been 6 months already. She is such a cutie!


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