2 Weeks Old

Lea is 2 weeks old today and we finally finished her nursery!

This is the fabulous mobile that I made for her. I made the little, stuffed birdies and glued them to sticks. So cute!

Here's our new Anka Sova crib. Love it!

Here's the Anka Sova Dresser/Changer and Svan Bouncer (Lea loves them both!).


  1. The nursery looks beautiful Jess!!
    So ready to see you guys again!

  2. So very beautiful, imagine, to sleep in a room created for one, so full of love and to sleep every night in that knowledge, however young . . blissful!

  3. JT, your nursery is beautiful! Really well-done.

  4. GET OUT! I am cracking up looking at these pictures! I MADE THE SAME BIRDS for a mobile for Abigail! I'll send you a picture! Hilarious! Great minds think alike!


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