Growing fast!

Lea is growing so, so fast. Every day she looks different! She has already outgrown a number of 'newborn' outfits. Her hair looks like it is getting lighter, too. She is finally starting to sleep better. Kevin's co-worker gave us a book and DVD called 'The Happiest Baby on the Block.' We immediately watched the DVD, but were skeptics from the start. However, we decided to try the techniques.... and wouldn't you know? It worked! Now, after feedings, we can get her to go right to sleep. Yay!

In other news, Kevin got Lea to laugh for the first time... and it wasn't a 'gas smile', either. She actually LAUGHED when he was playing with her. I got it on video so I'll post it soon. This evening we are giving Lea her first real bath... a little nervous, but excited, too. I'm sure we'll have a video to share of that event, too. :)

In the mean time, here are some funny face pictures Uncle Dave took while he was here...

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  1. Love what you're doing . . creating memories, a history for Lea, a beautiful gift for her to look back on. Great Stuff!


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