11 days old

I can not believe our little girl is almost two weeks old! Here are some pictures from Kevin's birthday, Uncle Dave's visit and Lea's 'new' belly button! :)

Having some cake on Kevin's birthday.

Uncle Dave holding Lea.

Our first walk outside (in our fabulous Toro stroller!).

She liked the ride!

Bailey and her new little 'sister'.

Check out my 'new' belly button!

My little chunky monkey!


  1. I cannot believe she already has a REAL belly button. Aidan took 7 WEEKS to fall off. She is so cute! Hope to come by this week. Want to keep those germy's away from that little thing.

  2. She already looks so much bigger. Great pics. You are looking good too!

  3. She is so cute!! And you look fabulous!

  4. I week already and before you know it she'll be off to school! Enjoy it all. For me, it was over too quickly!!!

  5. Cute! I love the Bailey/Lea shot.


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