Our little girl...

This is Bailey. She is our little girl and means the world to us! We found her at the North Carolina Schnauzer Rescue. We think she is about three years old and is a schanuzer/border terrier mix. She has the funniest sense of humor, that is, if a dog can actually have a sense of humor! When we first brought her home, she didn't know how to play with toys, she was very shy and walked with her head & tail down. Now, she hold her head high! She sleeps in her crate because otherwise she'll get up and play with her squeaky toys in the middle of the night! She really has brought so much joy into our lives. I couldn't imagine being without her. She loves to watch dog shows on t.v. Seriously! She will watch when the handler runs the dog across the floor.... but as soon as they show something else, like an uninteresting human, she looks away. Sometimes we call her "Fritos" because when she hasn't had a bath in awhile, her feet smell like Fritos.

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