Gotta love Canon!

So, my beloved, 3 year old, Canon PowerShot was malfunctioning recently. I got so annoyed, I decided to look for a new camera. After carefully researching cameras, I decided to send a quick email to Canon customer service to see if they had heard of the issue I was having. Thank goodness I did because it turns out my issue was a defect they recently found out about! Even though my camera was no longer covered under warranty, they sent me a pre-paid label so I could return it and have it serviced, free of charge. Not only that, but when I explained that we had a big trip coming up this summer and I really needed my camera, they are returning it to me via FedEx 2 Day. Thank you Canon!!! (That saved me a couple hundred dollars!) I have always been a fan of Canon products and now I always will.

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