Home again, home again

We're back home in NC. What a trip! We had a wonderful time exploring NM, CO and AZ. It was also wonderful to see my brother and spend some time with him. I can't wait 'till he moves back to NC, though! :) Here's a few extra pics from the trip...

Old Town Abluquerque

Sunset from the top of Sandia Mountain (just behind Dave's neighborhood).

Train Museum in Durango, CO.

Stopping on the drive back from CO. (don't the guys look so excited here!?)

Grilling out at Dave's (note the mountain in the background).

Petroglyph National Monument (just one of the many petroglyphs there).

Elk in the Grand Canyon park!

The ledge where we watched the sunset at the Grand Canyon.

Beautiful sunset at the Grand Canyon!

Hopi (pronounced like "Hope") Indians dancing at the Grand Canyon.

Lavender field at the Lavender Festival in Albuquerque. It smelled so good!!!

Huge sun flowers at the Lavender Festival.

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