Jordan Lake

We decided it would be a good idea to use our brand new tent....that we purchased over three years ago... this past weekend! We packed up everything we could and headed to Jordan Lake Sat. morning (after I got my hair cut & highlighted). We found a perfect spot with our own little beach. It was such a hot day so being on the water was a life saver! Bailey loved being out there in the woods... the water, not so much. She will wade in until the water hits her belly, then she runs out like something is chasing her! My dad came up with the boat. Bailey did ok. She was scared, but snuggling in my lap helped. We pulled the boat over to a secluded spot and got out to swim. Leaving Bailey on the boat by herself and calling for her to "Come on, Bailey... Let's go!" she finally jumped in the water all by herself. She actually leaped so high, she went completely under water and I rushed over to pull her up. Once her head was out, she was fine. She's a fast little swimmer, too! That night we had hot dogs, chips and s'mores. Kevin brought Jiffy Pop (which actually says not to use on open flames...but who really listens to warnings anyway!?). After rigging up a longer handle, it popped beautifully! After dark, we got ready for bed in our tent. I think Bailey was wondering when we were going home because she kept wondering over the car... as if to say, "ok guys, that was fun but I'm ready to go home now." After we went to bed, she was up & down all night. Strange noises and sounds must have kept her awake. At about 2am, I awoke to her pushing her nose at the zipper to the door. I let her out and she went to the bathroom (she's so smart!). The next morning, we slept in as late as we could then got up and went back down to our little beach. Dad came back up with the boat one more time before we headed home. I'd say it was a pretty successful camping trip!


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