Home again, home again

I have FINALLY recuperated after the ABC show. I got home Tuesday night and my poor feet were swollen! Is this yet another thing I have to look forward to with 'old age'??? That has never happened to me before. I have to assume it is from standing and walking around Vegas for six days straight (plus the long plane ride). This morning, they are starting to look normal, again. It took me a day to get over the slight jet lag. The show went great! Our booth was ginormous and turned out just how I had planned/imagined. We had great responses to all the new products and lots of orders. Each night, after the show, we went out to dinner with retailers and/or industry friends. It's always great to put faces to the voices you speak to so often.

During set up.

Lots of traffic.

Dinner with the manufacterers.

Me & Emily (no idea what was so funny!)

Alex, Kjell & Brenda

All the ladies going out. (Laura, Emily, LisBeth, Me, Brenda, Erin & Georgina)

Waiting in line at a casino.

Staying out until 4 am, three nights in a row takes a toll on you!!!

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