16 Weeks!

Today I am exactly 4 months pregnant. And to celebrate, a few girlfriends and I got $10 lawn tickets to see NKOTB on June 3rd! :)

So... this week Baby Thomas is growing toenails and the pattern of his hairline is taking shape. He is also pumping 25 quarts of blood each day. In the next couple of weeks, he will double in weight! Right now, he's the size of an avocado and weighs about 3.5 ounces.

As for me, I am feeling great. I finally have my energy back so I no longer need to go to bed at 9pm. My tummy continues to get larger and hopefully I'll be able to feel the baby move in a couple weeks! We finished cleaning out the old office this past weekend. It took a lot of work! We are getting rid of the large computer desk because we have turned one of the guest bedroom closets into the new office! Yup...we now have our computer, file cabinet, a lamp, and all other office stuff in the closet. It actually works pretty well. When not in use, we can just close the doors and hide the mess. I guess the next project will be to paint the nursery. We'll put up a white chair rail and paint a nice, chocolate brown underneath. I think it will be beautiful with white furniture! The bedding we have is by Kidsline and it's called "Willow" . How adorable is that?!?! I am also planning on painting a couple wall art pieces to match. We'll see how that goes!


  1. I love that pattern! It was actually one that I considered. You are so on top of the game. Good job!

  2. That's very clever to put the office in the closet!

    Oh and the pattern is really cute! Can't wait to see it finished!


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