21 weeks!

So, we know that baby girl Thomas weighs at least 14 ounces (from our 20 week checkup). She should now also be at least 10 1/2 inches long. Wow... almost a pound and almost a foot long! I can certainly feel her moving more. Instead of tiny little 'thumps', it's harder kicks and punches now! If I lay or sit still, you can actually SEE the big kicks, too!!!
We had a great weekend and a great Mother's Day yesterday. Saturday we were busy finally finishing all the painting in the nursery. It looks fantastic! Then, we started painting an old toy chest that we have. It will be white and I plan to add stencils and paint the nursery design on it. It will be adorable! After cleaning around the house for a couple hours, my parents came over and we grilled out. It was a fabulous dinner: prime rib steaks, sweet cooked carrots, baked beans, Cesar salad and home made crab dip!

Sunday we slept in a little... Kevin went out and got me donuts for breakfast and surprised me with a sweet card (he said I actually have a gift on the way, too!)... then, we ran some errands. That afternoon we headed down to Broadway for dinner with Kevin's parents. We went to La Dolce Vita (the BEST pizza and salads ever!) and then to Yarborough's for ice cream. I was stuffed and today I think my belly has gotten bigger overnight!

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