22 Weeks!

Today I am 22 weeks pregnant. People keep telling me that time will creep by when I am pregnant, but Kevin and I both feel that it is flying by! Perhaps that will change when I am, say, 32 weeks pregnant, but right now I am shocked when each Monday rolls around and I am another week pregnant!

Baby girl is getting bigger (as to be expected). It's estimated that she is now 11 inches long (almost a entire foot) and weighs close to a pound. I can tell she weighing more, not only because her kicks, punches and rolls are way more noticeable, but also because I am starting to have lower back pain. She is now developing tiny tooth buds under her gums and now has fully formed eyes (even though they still lack pigment). While her organs are finishing up developing, I guess she now just has to work on getting some fat on her! Here's her size comparison picture for the week:
Kevin and I had a nice weekend. We looked into flooring options (I think we'll go with Pergo) and spoke with a rep at Home Depot and Lowes about their installation details. Now, we just have to make a decision and schedule a home visit for the quote. I can't wait to have this done! We also finished painting the toy chest (white) and now I need to paint the stencils on it to match the bedding in the nursery. Yesterday we spent some time at Jill's for Ross' 6th birthday. I can't believe he is SIX! The first time I met him was at his 1st birthday party. :) It was a nice weekend, despite all the rain.

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