Fun Thursday!

What a great day! I had my 20 week check up this afternoon and my doctor said Baby girl Thomas looks beautiful. She is 14 ounces and everything is measuring perfectly. Every ultrasound I have had, she is facing out... so no cool profile pictures.

I know this looks like it could be a profile, but it's not! You can see her ribs really well and her spine, though.

And this is her beautiful face... looking right at you! (the dark 'round' spots are her eye sockets.)

So, after all that good news, I met Erin downtown Apex for National Mom's Night Out. I am so glad we went! We had fun (and I am exhausted!). We met a lot of local moms, had lots of cookies and snacks, got free manicures and lots of little free handouts, too. Here's a picture of Erin and I with Krista (the owner of GreenPea Nursery)...

This her adorable shop (one of the four rooms!).

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