Anka Sova

After a long, exhausting day at a photo shoot, I think we have found our crib and changer! At work today, we did a shoot with the new Anka Sova crib collection. It looked fabulous! I am very excited for this new collection. It is partially customizable... meaning you can mix and match different finishes. For example, a popular mix these days is Espresso and Whitewash (which is what we did in our shoot). You can also choose Natural... so the possibilities are almost endless. For our nursery, I think we'll do all Whitewash. (We have brown paint on the walls and I am afraid the Espresso will clash.)

Here's a sneak peak from our shoot today...

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  1. That crib is really cute! When are they out on the market? I tried searching for one but couldn't find it. I did decide to get the Anka high chair though.

    ~Melissa (from Baby Center)


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