Shower Time!

My very first baby shower is this Sunday! (hosted by my fabulous friends, Lee & Heather) I am so excited. It will be really nice to hang out with my girlfriends, eat some yummy food and get baby gifts. Wonder what I'll get??? Teeny, tiny onesies, blankets, toys, etc. FUN!!!

Kevin stayed home today from work because a contractor is coming by to measure our first floor. They'll give the measurements to Home Depot and then we'll find out the estimate for Pergo floors. I'm kinda nervous!

We don't have any plans for tomorrow. I've been "nesting" a bit... washing baby clothes & blankets, organizing the closet and finding places to put all the baby things we've accumulated thus far. I am also hoping to finish the bird mobile this weekend. So, maybe I'll have pics of that soon. :)

Happy Friday!!!


  1. YAY! Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself. Can't wait to see pix and hear about it!

  2. I can't wait to see pics too. Enjoy your shower!!


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