31 weeks!

We've made it to another week! Lea is now measuring about 16 inches long and weighs over 3 pounds! I thought she had a recent growth spurt and it turns out she probably did as these days she is plumping up with much needed fat. She can now turn her head side to side, too!

She is still moving all the time. I often feel her kicks and jabs way over on my far right side (make me wonder how she's getting over there!). She is also hiccuping all the time and I feel that mostly on my left side. This leads me to believe her head is on my left side. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning so maybe I'll get some info. then. (at least, more exciting info. besides how much weight I've gained since the last visit!)

Saturday night Kevin took me out to dinner at the Red Room in downtown Raleigh. It was fabulous! We had delicious tapas for dinner, including 'Seared Scallops with chipotle-cauliflower puree & orange-sherry gastrique' and 'Grilled Steak Churrasco with chimichirri'. SO GOOD! I also had a Sparkling Orange/Peach Sangria (non-alcoholic, of course) and we ended the night with chocolate fondue. It really was a fabulous dinner.

Sunday, we installed a new ceiling fan in Lea's room and got a white bookcase for her. Then, we grilled out at my in-laws. My neices and nephew were there which is always fun because they get a kick out of the baby in my belly. Ross (who just started kindergarten last week) actually sang a song to Lea.... she loved it and was moving all around!

It was a really fun weekend. Here's a pic of Kevin and I on our way to dinner...

Do I look THIRTY???


  1. No, you look gorgeous!

  2. no, you don't look a day over 65! :)


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