37 weeks!!!

I'm 37 weeks pregnant today.... only 21 days to go until my due date! I can hardly believe it! Lea is now considered full term, so if she decides she wants to come a little early her lungs should be in good shape. (Mommy wouldn't mind too much, either!) She should be well over 6 pounds by now and about 19 inches long.
Kevin and I had a nice weekend. As always, we cleaned around the house some more. I actually had a chance to take it easy on Saturday while Kevin went to his friend's house for their Fantasy Football draft... but did I? NO! Of course not... I did laundry and vacuumed until I was exhausted. I seriously need to stop doing stuff and just relax these days!!!

Yesterday we enjoyed our last baby shower given by my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of great 'necessity items'... such as diapers, wipes, gas drops, baby bath, lotion, shampoo and a nifty health care kit (which has nail clippers, thermometer, etc). I think we are all set, now! Just need the baby!!! My niece, Lilly, was a great little helper. She opened all the cards for us. My favorite part was when she opened one, it fell to the floor, so I picked it up. She immediately snatched it from me... waited a second... then handed it to me very nicely. I am sure she was thinking, "Excuse me!? It is MY job to hand you the cards!". :)

(My mom and sister-in-law were the photographers at the shower, so as soon as I get the pics, I will post a few!)

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  1. Holy cow I can't believe you are just THREE weeks away! (Here's hoping Lea is not late like Keira was!)


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