Lea has tried several foods now. Here's a list of what she's had, in order of when she tried them, and what she thought/thinks about each one...

Organic Rice Cereal - yummy, at first.
Avocado - yummy mixed in with rice ceral. just ok by itself.
Sweet Potato - really yummy!
Green Peas - the yummiest so far!
Beets - pretty yummy.
Cheerios - after a few tries, super yummy and fun to play with!
Carrots - not so yummy but we'll try again.
Banana - really yummy, even though the texture is slimy and weird!

It's so much fun to watch her expressions and reactions when she tastes something new.  And, yes, I am making all of her food.  I'm actually pretty proud of myself but I must say that the Beaba Babycook makes it so easy!  I can make a couple batches (steam, puree and freeze single portions) in less than 20 minutes.  I have baggies in the freezer filled with single portions of peas, carrots, sweet potato and beets.  I simply put a few in the fridge the night before and they are thawed and ready for her to eat the next day.  I hardly ever warm her food.  She will gladly eat things cold, room temperature or warm.  I'm trying not to raise a picky eater!  I'll let you know how it turns out.

She really likes Cheerios, although she hasn't perfected eating them by herself. She can grab one in her fist and bring her fist to her mouth, but then she can't figure out how to get the little Cheerio out of her fist and into her mouth! After a few tries, she gets frustrated and requires adult assistance. :)

What should we try next?


  1. i love it!!! I too am trying not to raise a picky eater...although my child prefers "crackers" right now and bread rather than vegetables that I would prefer that he eat...UGH!!! I love the device that you are using and had never heard of it until I saw it on your blog....maybe next time...(if there is a next time...LOL) : ) Blaine does love sweet potatoes though (or candied yams rather) hahahah seems like they go through periods of eating and periods of not...we'll see if Lea is the same...

  2. Mac n Cheese needs to be next! (they make a baby food version)


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