BooginHead Splat Mat Review

Mompreneur, Sari Crevin, started BooginHead LLC and launched their flagship product, the SippiGrip, in September 2007.  The SippiGrip saves sippy cups, toys, etc. from yucky, dirty floors and helps to keep items within your little ones reach.  In 2008 the PaciGrip was created.  Same concept as the SippiGrip but on a smaller scale to work universally with pacifiers.  Lea has a PaciGrip and let me tell ya, we do not leave the house without it!  It's the only pacifier leash we've used that actually stay attached to whatever we clip it onto. 

The newest addition to the BooginHead product line is the SplatMat.  We were thrilled to receive one to try out as Lea is really getting into solids these days and is only getting messier and messier.  This 48 inch round mat covers a very large space.  At first, I thought it was way too big (remember, I'm a first time mom) but once we put it under Lea's high chair, we realized it's a perfect size to catch everything that gets tossed, spills or falls onto the floor.  Pthalate and BPA free, the SplatMat is super easy to wipe clean.  I love the designs, too... this is the only splat mat I found that's not an obnoxious kid print.  We got the Brown Flourish pattern and it looks fabulous in our dining room. 
It also comes in an adorable Blue Trucks pattern and a pretty Pink Lace pattern.  At only $14.99, anyone can afford this super cool splat mat!

For more information and a list of retailers, visit BooginHead's web site: http://www.booginhead.com/.  You can also  find them on Facebook.

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