Mom n Me Monday

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Another week has come and gone.  My little Lea is growing and changing every single second.  She has almost perfected her crawl and has certainly perfected her 'pincer grasp'... getting a single Cheerio into her mouth on her own.

We had another busy weekend, one where we say we won't do anything and then end up busier then ever!  Lea and I spent the day Friday shopping with her Grandma Debra.  Saturday was a day for festivals.  We went to a pottery festival and a street festival.  It was a lot of fun... live music (which Lea loves), yummy food, arts & crafts and tons of people watching.  Finally. Sunday morning was spent at the farmers market getting fresh, local vegetables to make for Lea.  Then, we went to cousin Kristin's piano recital and finally to Grandma Sue & Grandpa Gene's for dinner.  Lea has such a good time with her cousins.  She loves to watch them run around and play.  It will be any day now that Lea is running around with them.  Thinking of her running around is exciting but it also breaks my heart.  Little Lea is growing up WAY too fast!

Every night we go through the same routine to get Lea ready for bed.  After her bath, which she LOVES, she gets a little massage with lotion and then has some time to crawl around a play before getting her jammies on.  After a few minutes of playing, we usually read a book while laying on the floor.  Well, last night we got home pretty late so we skipped her bath and play time.  After I got Lea's jammies on her,  I stepped out of the room for a second.  When I returned, Lea had crawled over to her books and was holding Goodnight Moon as if to say, "Don't forget my bedtime story mommy!"  It was adorable. :)

I actually don't have a new picture of Lea and myself for Mom n Me Monday... I know!  It's terrible!  I promise I will have one (several, actually) by next Monday, though.  Until then, here's a picture of Lea with two of her cousins...

And here's Lea chillin' in her new shades at the pottery festival.

And, since I just realized that she's not smiling in either of those pictures, here's a picture of her beautiful smile (showing off her new crawling skills!).


  1. That last picture is great! what a smile! And she looks so big in the pic with her cousins. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!! Feel free to come over when ever Saturday...you don't have to wait for 2.

  2. Ha ha, I totally dig the shades pictures. She's just chillin.


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