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It's no secret that I enjoy a good craft. Maybe I get it from my mom who was a kindergarten teacher for 20-some years or maybe it's from my grandma who was a painter and seamstress. Wherever it's from, I love to make things. I may not be the best at it, but I really do love to have something and give something that was hand made by ME. My dear husband always chuckles when I see something I like and say "I could make that!". For as long as I cam remember I have been buying things that are less than perfect (usually because it was the right price) and with a touch of paint here or a piece of fabric there, I can make it just right.

Before Lea was born, I made the birdie mobile that's now hanging over her crib, I painted the chest in her room that holds her blankets and I created two artwork pieces that coordinate with her nursery decor. I like thinking that she could have these things when she's older and know that her mommy made them especially for her. Not only that, but I am also incredibly thrifty so the idea of making something half the price of buying it really makes me happy.

Given the time, tools and supplies I am convinced that I could make pretty much anything. That being said, the things I make are usually copies. I have a good eye to reproduce things... hence, when I see something I like, I usually say "I could make that." For example, Lea's first birthday is coming up and there are so many things I want to make for her. I am currently looking for the perfect tutu (I don't think I want to attempt that one) and I have seen baby bloomers with little bows and cute sayings on the heiny... now, THAT I could totally make! How hard could it be to sew some little bows and have initials embroidered on some bloomers? I am also designing a cute little headband in my mind to match. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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  1. Hey Jess, I can't find an email address for you...

    Anyway, you won my J. Crew giveaway. Please get in touch with me so that I can send you the gift card.


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