Junk Food Bag Review

Who doesn't love junk food? Everyone has a little junk food every now and then... and, well, some of us have it more often than others! Some of my favorites include Fritos, Doritos, Oreos, Little Debbie anythings, Krispy Kreme donuts and any kind of candy.

I recently received a Junk Food Bag from Carla over at the etsy shop 'BeadLove2211'. She makes these really fun bags out of... you guessed it... junk food wrappers! How cool are these?

Carla hand makes these bags out of actual wrappers. They are lined with colorful fabric and have a zipper to keep your coins, make-up, crayons or whatever secure. I received the Root Beer bag because I can never turn down an ice-cold root beer. Apparently, Lea can't either!

Head on over to Carla's shop, BeadLove2211, to see all the goodies she has. And don't worry, if she doesn't have your favorite junk food, she can custom make it for you!

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