Before Lea was born, I was sure I would teach her sign language. I actually started signing for "milk" (when she was around 5 months old) every time I nursed her and it seemed as though she recognized what it meant, but she never signed it back to me. So, after a few months, I started to slack. I didn't sign as much anymore and pretty much gave up. Until recently... I started signing for "milk" again and I also added "more". However, after a month or so without seeing any "results" and without getting other adults around Lea to commit to signing, I started to give up, again. That is, until last night! Wouldn't you know it? When we were having dinner, I asked Lea if she wanted "more" and sure enough, she put her two little hands together and signed MORE! :) I couldn't believe it! My heart skipped a beat, I was so excited.

Was it just a coincidence? No! This morning she did it at breakfast, too!

So, I am a believer again. I will continue to sign "milk", "more" and "all done" a little while longer to see if she really gets the hang of it.


  1. That's so great!!! We've only been using "all done" and "more". I want to work on "milk" and "eat".

  2. Keat was a big "signer" too.. And he still does signs sometimes without thinking about it now when he says the word/words along with it. I guess they are sponges when they are little!


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