These are Blue Crabs... they turn red when you steam them.
Nothing reminds me of Summer like eating delicious crab... blue crabs, in particular. (but, seriously, I am not prejudice when it comes to crab. I love them all!) I have fond memories of camping at the beach with my family, sitting on the picnic table outside our camper and snacking on the fresh crab meat as my dad hand picked each tiny morsel. Add a little hot butter and it's perfection on your palette. :)


I was just a little toddler and would even eat raw clams back then, too. I was a fearless mixture of tomboy and princess.

I hope I am raising Lea to be just as adventurous. I want her to enjoy trying new things and going new places. I want her to be independent... but also have a healthy amount of fear and need for her mommy every once and awhile, too.

As Lea's first birthday quickly approaches (too quickly, as a matter of fact!), I pray that I am being the best mommy that I can be and that I am raising a happy, confident, healthy girl. I pray that I am doing her justice because she deserves nothing short of the best.

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