Like mother, like daughter

I found these old pictures of myself when I was a baby... I think it's safe to say that Lea has my eyes!

Me at 3 months
Lea at 3 months

Me at 6 months

Lea at 6 months

Me at 1 year

Lea at 1 year
So, what do think... See any resemblance? My mom wants me to try and get a picture of Lea wearing my blue dress (above)... that's just like my picture. Um... it's kind of hard to 'pose' a one year old! But, I'll try.


  1. O.M.G. And your facial expressions are the same in the first 2! Holy crap! FYI, 18 month pix are horrid. We tried and failed miserably yesterday and are going to try again tomorrow for attempt 2.

  2. mini-me of you...for sure! Too funny! My kids are mutts. Must be cool for you that she looks soo much like you. Very cute! Erin

  3. She looks soooo much like you! Just a little less hair :) Very cute, and I love that blue dress!


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