Lea is finally starting to say some words. I think her first word was 'Dada' and now she sometimes even says 'Daddy'. She calls me 'Mama' now, too. It melts my heart every time! Every night at dinner, we tell Bailey to "Get!" while pointing into the living room (we don't allow Bailey to sit by the table while we're eating). Well, wouldn't you know that Lea decided that would be her second word... "Git!" she yells, while pointing at the dog. lol

Lea is still signing for some things, such as 'more', 'up', 'all done', 'hungry' and 'milk' so I am now saying to her, "Can you say it in words?" when she signs. It actually worked! Yesterday Lea was holding her arms in the air (asking to get up from her high chair) and I asked her to say "Up, please." Next thing you know, she said 'Bup!' :) I am also working on 'milk' so I'll let you know how that goes.

Here's a list of words and sounds that Lea currently knows (she'll be 15 months old on Dec. 19th):

Git (Get)
Ga (Grandma)
Bup (Up)
Muh (Milk)

Uh-uh (dog)
High pitched squeal (cat and bird)
Ggrrrrh (lion, bear, pirate)
Schhh (snake)
HmHmHm (Santa)

I feel like I am forgetting some sounds! She also waves at EVERYONE and sometimes she just waves at no one. She can blow kisses and she likes to give a kiss to anything... she kisses her stuffed animals, Bailey, books, etc. She gives sweet, short hugs and will sometimes run over and just give you a quick hug for no reason. I love it! She is starting to do the hand gestures when we sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider". When anyone laughs, she has to laugh along. It's like she's saying, "I don't know what's so funny but I'm not going to be left out!" And, she dances.... a lot. Her moves are evolving. She used to just sort of bounce/ bop in place but now she's adding some arms and even some twirls. She loves music and will stop in her tracks to dance if she hears any type of music. :)

Friday morning we're going to see Santa. I've been showing her pictures of Santas and talking about him a lot so I hope I am preparing her a little bit. It should be interesting. I imagine it could go one extreme or the other!

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