We are having a great time in the Keys! However, I am still fighting this cold and poor Lea's cold took a turn for the worse today. Hopefully this will be the worst of it for her... she's on day 4 (I'm on day 10).

Our place is right on the water... a canal... I mean, right on the water. Just walk about 10 feet from the back door and you're there! The coolest part is, manatees come up to the house every day. Apparently they like to drink fresh water, so they come to drink from the water hose. They are SO cool! You can pet them and feed them lettuce, but if you try to get in he water with them, they take off. One afternoon, Lea and I were looking for them and I told her to call them... she yelled out "Chaaarlieeee!" (at least, that's what it sounded like), so we've named one of the manatees Charlie. :)

I can't post pics b/c I don't have my laptop (I'm at McDonald's w/ my dad's laptop now), but I am getting some great shots w/ my new camera! Including cool pics of Lea feeding seagulls on the beach yesterday.

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  1. That's it...we have to get a manatee now!


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