Waiting for Daddy

Since Kevin has been traveling a lot recently, Lea has spent a lot of time looking for him. She wakes up in the morning and calls, "Da-da!"... she looks around the house and calls, "Da-da?"... and every single time the phone rings, she jumps up in total excitment and screams, "DA-DAAA!" while running to the phone. :) He finally comes home (late) tonight. Lea will be so happy to see him in the morning!

Here's a few pics of Lea playing and reading today...

Mmmm, Cookie!


  1. So sweet! Mads always hates the mornings when she wakes up in our bed (too often this week lol) and rolls over to kiss on him and he's gone. After the first day she gets used to not expecting him home....and that makes me sad.

    Sounds like Lea is a daddy's girl in the making. The shots of her are beautiful!

  2. HA! The sunglasses picture could have been Keira. She loves sunglasses and wears them all the time---always upside down! Gotta love it!


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