Joy of Luck - Day 3

Joy of Luck, Day 3 - "Prompt: What are some traditional lucky symbols that you can think of?  How has our culture created its own perception of what brings luck (and what brings bad luck?).  look around your surroundings….what lucky “token” can you find?"

I couldn't really think of any lucky "things" around the house. So... here's the lucky symbol that was on my calendar!

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  1. We aren't really into the whole lucky symbols thing either but we have this awesomely awful painting (on black velvet) that was The Bear's before he met me and has hung in our kitchen ever since because it's just so, him. It's terrible, really, so I'll spare you the details, but it seems our house would just not be a home without it. If that isn't a lucky item I don't know what is!


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