Joy of Luck - Day 4

Joy of Luck, Day 4 - Your 7 Favorite Material Things

"Prompt:  I am certain that if you think hard, you can find seven materials things that you LOVE.  What are they?  Capture these with your lens…..the sky is the limit for this lesson.  we are all so fortunate for what we have materially.  We’re lucky to have these material objects.  Let’s focus on our luck and blessings today – capture your favorite seven objects!"

At first, I thought to myself "I don't have any favorite material objects. Lea and Kevin are my favorite things and that's all I need!" But, the prompt said to think hard. So, after about a week of thinking, I did come up with a few things that I really do love (other than people... and dogs!).

We had this silhouette made just after Lea's first birthday. I LOVE it and stop to look at it
every single day. It's a real silhouette... hand cut by Karl Johnson.
My wedding band/engagement ring and the pearl ear rings
Kevin gave to me on our wedding day. Need I say more?
I got this little statue when my friend and I were in Florance, Italy seven years ago. I remember exactly where we were when 
I got it... a little open market with the buzz of people all around and cafe tables near by.
I had to haggle with a creepy man for awhile before I got a good price!

I wear this necklace always. Kevin gave it to me on my first Valentine's day as a mother.
The other side has Lea's birth stats engraved on it.

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