Let's go camping!

Tomorrow afternoon we will leave our driveway pulling the pop-up camper behind us. I am really excited! We got the camper awhile ago, used. Kevin has been working on little things when he has some free time (which isn't very often!). I still want to do some little updates to it... mostly aesthetic things like painting, making slipcovers for the bench seats and possibly replacing the curtains. It's in camping condition now, though, so what better time than now?! Hopefully, everything will work and nothing will break while we're out there. I'm anxious to see how Lea will do sleeping & napping in a camper. Since she goes to bed much earlier than us, we'll have to hang out outside until we're ready for bed. Should be interesting!

Here's a couple pics from when we first bought it...

Holy cow!!! Just realized that we bought this thing a YEAR ago! We'll be staying at the lake for three nights... and hopfully all returning happy campers. :) I'll post pics next week.


  1. Can't believe how teeny tiny Lea is in that picture! *squish* Makes me miss our little babies!

  2. Hope you guys have a blast! We'll be in SC or else we'd come visit for a picnic.


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