Happy 4th of July!

We decided to take Lea to her first fireworks show this year. I have always LOVED fireworks and have been excited to share it with Lea. We headed out to a local park for our town's annual celebration. We've had thunderstorms every afternoon for the past several days so we weren't sure what was in store for us.

Sure enough... we got poured on! Lea laughed as we ran through the rain back to the car, though. We were soaked! Luckily, I had Lea's dry pajamas in the car, so we got her changed and ready for bed. Then, we found a nice spot to watch the fireworks. It turned out to be an awesome spot. Lea wasn't even scared... just tired. We Oooed and Ahhed at the display of lights and "booms!" then, Lea promptly fell asleep once we were back in the car. :)

And here are a few pics from our weekend. Lea was adorable in her Red, White and Blue (and YELLOW... check our her awesome new shoes!).

Wish they made these in MY size!
And, finally, here's a nice comparison of Lea last year..... and this year!

My how time is flying by. My baby girl will be TWO in about two months!

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