Natura Latex Pillow Review

I just received a brand new pillow... by mail. And, it was not cheap. Hopefully, I am not crazy and this thing will make all my dreams come true (pun intended!). I have been unhappy with my flimsy, feather filled pillow for awhile. And, while I hate to admit it, I am getting older and a good nights sleep has proven to be harder to come by these days. I am tired (pun inteded, again!) of waking up feeling un-rested and sore. So, here's what I got to fix this problem...

It's a Natura Organic Latex Pillow. Following is the review I wrote on the seller's web site...

Originally submitted at CSN Stores:
By Mommy Jess from NC on 7/27/2011
I give this item 4 out of 5 stars.
The packaging was impressive. A very nice box and an open ended plastic bag surrounded the pillow. (I was glad to see that the plastic bag wasn't actually sealed so the pillow could "breathe".)

The pillow itself seems like it consists of high quality materials (what I expected for the price). Before I continue, I must add that this is my first latex pillow and I haven't actually slept on it, yet. I will let you know how I like it once I have slept on it!

The outer case is soft and quilted. It is thick and sturdy (not thin and flimsy) and it has a zipper that runs the length of the longer side. The latex is squishy and springy. It sort of bounces when you lay your head on it. Very supportive but also gives from your weight. The latex feels, to the touch of your hand, almost like it will just fall apart... like there isn't much there... if that makes sense. Sort of like a really soft marshmallow! It is surprising how much support it offers given the texture. It has no odor what so ever.

The tag reads: "Outer Shell- Organic Cotton, Made in Canada. Hand wash in cold water in mild detergent. Air dry. May be dry cleaned. Short cycle. Limited moisture. Turn and air out periodically. All new materials consisting of: Core- 100% Latex foam, Cover fill- Wool batting (contents sterilized).

I am impressed and anxious to try this pillow out!

Outer box packaging.

Pillow unzipped, exposing the latex.

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