Gobble, Gobble!

I saw this adorable Thanksgiving shirt in Pinterest.com:

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So, naturally I had to try and make one for Lea. One problem... I don't  have a working sewing machine (and haven't for several years). But, I wasn't going to let that stop me!

I gathered some ribbon, found a scrap of fabric for the body of the turkey and got a long sleeve t-shirt at Walmart for $3.00. Oh, and I had to get some "Heat-n-Bond" at Walmart in order to attach the turkey to the shirt.

Once I had the body cut out and hemmed around the edges, I chose my ribbons and placed them around the body:

Next step was to actually sew all those ribbons onto the back of the body. That was the hard part for me because I wanted them to all be even. I did it and it turned out pretty good. Then, I ironed the heck out of it.

And finally, I bonded it to the shirt. I don't think it's a super-duper bond, even though I got the extra strength stuff, but it should last through the Thanksgiving season. At the last minute, I decided it needed a face, so I used a Sharpee. When I finished, I decided the face looked silly, but there's no turning back now!


  1. Love it! If baby girl gets here i might have to whip one out

  2. Fun! I just buy stuff on Etsy and pretend like I made it haha

  3. Great job! And good work on actually following through on Pinterest stuff! I never do!


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