Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful holiday with our families. It all started with Christmas Eve at the in-law's where we snacked on yummy food and opened some gifts. Later that night we gathered with more family at a local restaurant. After dinner, the kids headed back to the kitchen to make home-made pretzels. Lea had a blast!

Lea with her cousins, Ross, Lilly and Kristin.

Making pretzels.
That night, the three of us didn't sleep well. Kevin and I ended up wide awake around 6:30am. We decided to get Lea up a little past 7am. I told her "Santa came last night!" so she ran to look in the living room. After looking around  bit, she said "Where's Santa?!" lol  We took our time opening gifts and playing with toys. Then my parents came by for breakfast. Kevin's parents stopped by shortly after and then it was nap time!

Christmas afternoon we headed down to my folks house for dinner... and more gifts! My grandmother (Lea's great-gramma) was here so it was fun watching her interact with Lea. One of the gifts we all received...from Santa...was a set of Mini Marshmallow Air Guns. We filled them up and headed outside right away. Once Lea realized what it was, she started yelling "Hit Me!!" as she smacked her belly b/c she wanted us to shoot her so she could eat the marshmallows! lol

Helping Daddy open his gift.

Kevin getting ready to aim with his marshmallow gun.
Lea gathering & eating the marshmallows!
 Christmas didn't disappoint this year. We all had a very nice time and we all seem to be very pleased with our gifts.

Merry Christmas! See you next year!

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