Today Lea got to visit Santa. I say "got to" because she is obsessed with all things Santa these days. She only wants to listen to "Santa music" (which is any Christmas music) and she only wants to watch Santa on tv (which is any children's holiday movie).

Anyhow, we headed to the mall to visit Santa. Lea practically shoved past everyone in line to get a good look. Then, when it was her turn, she dashed right over to Santa without any hesitation and climbed onto his lap all on her own. She looked like she was on cloud nine!

After meeting Santa we had dinner with my folks and then decided to head over to Build-a-Bear. Lea wanted a penguin like the one from Happy Feet 2 and they had the perfect one. She had fun stuffing, bathing and dressing her new friend, Rocky. Yup... she named him Rocky! ;)

(sorry the white balance is so off on those last few pics.)

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