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Lea and I have had a lot of fun the past couple weeks. She has been going to a "dance/theatre" class once a week this month. They do a lot of cool things with hula hoops, sticks, puppets, bells and scarves. Here's our adorable little ballerina (she likes to call herself "Lea Ballerina")...

I also decided to have Lea help us dye some pasta. She had a lot of fun filling the jars and then shaking them to mix the dye. After about a day of letting the dye soak in and a night of drying, they were ready for play time!

Last night Lea spent the night at her Gaga & Papa's house so Kevin and I took the opportunity to go out to dinner and a movie. We had a great night out and I ate WAY too much! (seriously, I thought I was going to puke at one point during the movie. lol) Then, when Gaga brought Lea home today, we decided to go see Beauty & the Beast in 3D. Lea got that dvd for Christmas and has loved it ever since but I wasn't sure how the whole 3D part would play out. Turns out she liked it! She did take her glasses off  few times but we quickly out them back on. I think she just liked seeing the difference with them on and off. We pigged out on lollipops, gummi bears, Dots, pretzels and licorice... yes, my daughter likes licorice. :) I forgot my phone so I didn't get a picture of us in our cool shades. We had a lot of fun, though!

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  1. Love the picture of Lea on the stairs. If her sister is half that cute, Kevin is in trouble in high school! :)


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