I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post! My only excuse is that I am pregnant and lazy these days. Speaking of being pregnant...

I will be 33 weeks this weekend! That means less than two months to go. Kevin has been in NJ for two weeks so I think he'll be surprised to see my big baby bump when he gets home tomorrow. ;) The baby is doing great. We heard her heartbeat at a check-up yesterday. My weight gain has leveled off (thank goodness) but I have a slightly low iron level. Not low enough to need extra supplements; I was just told to eat more green stuff (like spinach and broccoli). Other than being tired (and lazy) and having a sore back, I have no complaints. Well... I take that back... I can't sleep, I pee all the time, this baby never stops moving and I am running out of clothes that fit (don't judge me if I start wearing the same few things over and over again these next several weeks!).

Anyhow... I digress. My parents drove down to FL for the month of February to stay with my grandmother, so when we found out that Kevin would be in NJ on business for two weeks, Lea and I decided to fly down to sunny FL. The flight was great... Lea always does well... and her new Vtech Mobigo helped a lot! While there, we spent mornings on the beach, afternoons at the orange grove for fresh orange ice cream and evenings visiting with family (some of which Lea was meeting for the first time). We ate lobster & crab and drank fresh, homemade (by us!) orange juice. Yum! We even spent an afternoon at Warm Mineral Springs. Here are some pics from the trip...

 Picking oranges in Gramma's back yard.

 A stop at the Tervis Tumbler outlet.

 Making fresh orange juice for breakfast!

 Yummies Donuts on the beach. :)

 Mommy, Lea and baby Emma. ;)

 A meet up with an old friend, Ryan.

 Lea and her great Gramma.

 Splashing with Papa at Warm Mineral Springs.

 Watching dolphins at the North Jetty.

 Running from the cold Gulf water!

 Lea's first root beer at The Frosted Mug.

Saying bye-bye to great Gramma.

To save some money, Lea and I drove home with my parents. Let me just say, I will never again spend 12 hours in the back seat of a packed car while being 7 months pregnant. Yes... it was that rough. We even split the trip in two and stayed overnight at a hotel! Lea, on the other hand, did great. She read books, ate snacks, watched a couple movies, took a couple naps and played games. Maybe she had one fussing spell the entire trip.... that's it.

We're happy to be home and now just waiting for Kevin. :)

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