A Strong Girl

Our little Emma is so strong... she has been holding her own head up since she was a day old. Two of her favorite places to be is on Daddy's shoulder and Mommy's chest. In both places, she holds her head up high so she can look around!

And one of her favorite things to look at is our picture wall. I guess it's the bold black and white colors that attract her. She can stare at that wall for quite some time!

 Some friends came to visit recently and they brought Lea a big sister present. She got a new tiera with a matching necklace, ring and ear rings (her very first!). She was on cloud nine!

 Lea really is a great big sister. She is a huge help... fetching a pacifier, burp cloth, blanket... what ever I need help with, she is quick to assist. She loves to give Emma kisses on the nose and the top of her head and about every couple of days, she asks to hold Emma...

Tonight we were finally able to give Emma her first real bath (her umbilical cord stump fell off last night). Of course, Lea was ready to help!

We are loving life with two fabulous, little girls!!! :)


  1. Absolutely precious pictures!! I think she looks a lot like Kevin--especially the last pic!

    1. yup, she looks like her daddy! :)


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