Today is our seven year wedding anniversary. It was a gorgeous fall day, much like today, seven years ago that I married the love of my life... literally.

Kevin and I met in high school through mutual friends. He was the bass player in a rock band, had looong hair and all the girls had a crush on him. I was a theatre nerd and was very vocal about MY crush on Kevin. He worked at a restaurant near my house and I left notes on the hood of his car.

Fast forward about six years when we ran onto each other at a restaurant in our hometown. The sparks immediately started flying. I felt like a silly, nervous high school girl all over again! Well, we started dating right away and less than a year later, we were getting married.

We both knew, after only dating a few months, that we wanted to get married. In fact, on our first date, we talked about how we were ready to settle down and were done with the dating game.

Kevin proposed at a quaint bed & breakfast on the coast. I obviously knew what was going on...but he threw me for a little loop when he pulled out a letter for me to read. ?? He asked me to read it out loud. It was a letter that I wrote to him in high school! (one that I had left on the hood of his car) I couldn't believe he saved it!!! At the end of the letter, I had written how much I valued our friendship and I taped a gumball machine ring to the letter (that was the "thing" when I was in high school!). Well, when Kevin proposed, he said "here's a REAL ring..." :) We topped off the night with crab legs at a nearby restaurant. Yum!

Anyhow... I am truly blessed to have such a fantastic husband and provider for our family. And not to mention, an awesome daddy for our girls!

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