Preschool Holiday Party

Today Lea's preschool had a little holiday party. The parents and siblings gathered in the little gym while the 3 year olds sang some holiday songs. It was adorable! And, as you can imagine, pretty funny, too. Most kids didn't sing... a few were really into it... and a couple were just totally doing there own thing. Lea was somewhere in between all of that. ;)

Watching their teacher, Ms. Keisha.


Not happy with the boy beside her. lol

Lea was the only one who took a bow at the end.
After the performance we gathered in their class room for a little pot-luck lunch. We had cheese, crackers, veggies, fruit, ham and pepperoni (which Lea couldn't get enough of!). Oh... and don't forget the cookies!

Me and my girl!

Lea and Jackson playing with his Rudolph nose.

This is Lea's self-proclaimed favorite thing at school. )
Lea's teacher, Ms. Keisha, is pretty special. From the very moment that I met her, I knew my baby girl would be safe in her care. That says a lot because we visited several preschools & spoke with many teachers before making a decision where Lea would go. Lea loves Ms. Keisha, too.

Sharing a laugh.

Ms. Keisha and Lea

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  1. These are so sweet Jess! The one of her with her friend, Jackson, is angelic. She looks at him so adoringly :)


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